Is your Puck not working? Not a problem.

If you ordered the Puck Keysafe from a seller other than De Beer Innovations or through our webshop, then take your Puck Keysafe back to the sales location where it was purchased. If you did order it from De Beer Innovations or through our webshop, then go through the following steps:

Return online:

  • Enter your return shipment online and complete the return form
  • Within 48 hours, we will send you a return number, return code and return form


  • Package the item
  • Complete the return form
  • Include your received return code and return number on the return form
  • Stick the return form on the package so that the return number is visible


    • The package is now ready to be returned, and can be shipped to our logistics centre:

    Retour Puck Keysafe

    Marchandweg 45

    3771 MN Barneveld

    • Once you have received your return number, you have 14 days to send back your product


  • The return shipment will be processed and refunded as quickly as possible, within no more than 14 days.