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The key safe with your guest

What is the best way to exchange the key to a (holiday) home? If you rent out a house, you have likely wondered about this. Waiting for guests to arrive takes a lot of time and is often inconvenient. That isn’t an option, particularly when the home is located abroad. Hiring an agency to hand the guest your key can cost between €80 – €90 each time. The Puck Keysafe is exactly what you need.

An easy key exchange with a key box
With the Puck Keysafe key box, all you have to do is make sure your key is in the box and the guests receive the code. This solution is perfect for both you and your guest. The guest doesn’t have to wait for the key and can thus decide on their own arrival time. And you don’t have to give up part of your first night’s revenue to a service agency.

Keysafe with Police Approval
The current market offers many unsafe key safes. We believe you always have a right to safety. That is why we developed Puck: the first key safe with the SKG** certification, approved for use by the Dutch Police Approval for Safe Living (PKVW). That means that the Puck met the strict certification requirements. So, the Puck is not only a practical but also a very safe solution.

Puck always offers a secure and practical solution. Contact us for more information and options.

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