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Safer than keeping a key under the doormat

Many parents are faced with the dilemma of whether to give their children a key to the house. On the one hand, it’s important for the children to always be able to get inside, but on the other parents fear they might lose their key. Leaving a key under the doormat or flower pot used to be a safe solution. These days, that isn’t as safe. That is why Puck Keysafe offers a solution that is just as practical but safer.

A safe place for your key
The Puck Keysafe solves that problem. You don’t have to give the children a key, but they can still get inside at all times. All you have to do is make sure your key is in the safe and the children know the code. And then you can be at ease while your children play outside.

The safety of Puck Keysafe
For us, your safety comes first. That is why we developed a secure, burglar-resistant key safe. Even in the event of an attack with heavy equipment lasting at least 3 minutes, your key is still safe with Puck. That safety makes the Puck Keysafe the first key safe with the SKG** certification and approval for use under the Dutch Police Approval for Safe Living (PKVW). So, our Puck is not only a practical but also a very safe solution.

Puck always offers a secure and practical solution. Contact us for more information and options.

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